The company "the kickpäck"

consists of  2 performers and 2 directors who live in 3 cities: Berlin, Zagreb and Zurich.

All 4 members have already gone long ways with their art and all of them have shows of their own – together they bring expertise in acrobalance, dance, drama, clowning and music into the studio. Above all, however, they share the need to create pieces that ignore these art forms as such but use all of them to create something new. They are the vocabulary with which they write their pieces, and their language could best be described as “physical theatre” or “contemporary circus”.



for stage | 50 minutes


The "ZWI" looks at the moments “in between” through the magnifying glass. Making these invisible moments visible is the game of the piece. What happens between inhaling and exhaling, between balancing and tilting, between dancing and not dancing, between us? "the kickpäck" shows us their interpretation, consequently between the genres - between physical theatre and contemporary circus, they play with their bodies and a trumpet, with noises and a handstand, with themselves and with the audience.


genre: physical theatre

duration: 50 minutes

stage size: 6x5m (minimum), 10x10 (ideal), 4m height required

indoors, for stage like situations, all ages


two for joy

outdoor/indoor | 30 minutes

_two for joy_ by the kickpäck
Two for Joy | 30 min
The kickpäck wants to celebrate with everyone – the duo goes about it light-footedly and their chaos is skillfull. The audience experiences the pitfalls and joys of the party preparations. A mix of lovable clownesque theatre and swing dance acrobatics with handstands and small interactions, before a background of a live created sound scenery, leads to a rousing electro swing party with a drink for young and old.

genre: street theatre

duration: 30 min

Stage size: 6m x 5m

outdoors or indoors, all ages


lindy hop aerials workshop

workshop|2 hours per module

Learn acrobatic moves from Swing dance!

 - dynamic jumps & flips -

Lindy Hop Aerials are the acrobatic elements from the Swing Dance called Lindy Hop. This means that one of the dance partners leaves the floor with both feet - and flies! So it is a dynamic kind of dance acrobatics, and in each of our three modules we teach you three different jumps & flips. Our focus is on the acrobatic elements, so it is not necessary to know Lindy Hop. But we will show you how dance and acrobatics connect. We will also take care of spotting and make the workshop a safe experience.


duration: 2 hours per module

​participants: 6-10 couples

For Lindy Hoppers, acrobats and everybody else with movement experience!

other workshops

We also offer other workshops such as

  • acrobalance for beginners and intermediate

  •  acro-yoga for beginners and intermediate

  • same weight acro-yoga / acrobalance

  • acrobatic composing (a tool for creativity)

  • handstand

  • clowning

  • tight rope walking

  • stilt walking

  • introduction to circus skills for children.







cooperation partners|friends

Ina Gercke | Regie, Schauspiel |

Laura Vogel |Regie , Performance |

Kirsten Burger | Regie, Schauspiel |

Cox Ahlers |Regie, Performance  |



 HR: +385 955837729

 DE: +49 17620134170

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